Task Manager Edit (Coming Soon)


Once you have created a task list or if this is the first time using the task manager you may want to edit one of your task lists. Follow the directions below to edit a task list!


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Task Manager Edit


  1. From the preferences menu find the task list you would like to edit.
  2. Select the Customize button (see below).

  3. Select which part of the plan you would like to edit.
    1. NOTE: This only applies to Buyer or Seller Plans.
  4. Select which task you would like to edit.
    1. NOTE: The due dates begin counting the moment you move your person to each section of the sales flow. (I.e. when I move Jillian to the Prospects part of the sales flow, the task “Schedule a meet and greet” will be due 7 days later).
  5. Select the arrow next to the date.

  6. Select the amount of days you would like to this task to take.

  7. You can also delete a task by using the red “X” on the right of the tasks.




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