May 2nd Release Notes


Release Notes 5/2/2017

This week’s release brings another set of exciting improvements! Check out the list below for more information!


Moxi Present 

  • Add Zillow reviews to your Agent Profile page! Show off your great Zillow reviews in your presentations by displaying them on your Agent Profile.

  • When creating a presentation in the new version of Moxi Present, it can be confusing where to start! We have taken the guess work out of creating a new presentation!

  • The Zestimate’s page can be long! Now you will see your Estimate Comparison Page have a “show more” button after 15 comparables.

  • Customize your Listing Averages page in your presentation to include only the status you want! If you only want to have Sold Listing Averages, customize it!



Agent Websites

  • In your Agent Bio Page, if you have Zillow review turned on it will also include the agent responses to the review!




  • Finding people in the Roster has never been easier! If you have elevated access you can search for people by their email address!

  • Do you have person that is no longer in an MLS, but you would still like in the system? You can remove their primary MLS ID while still having them in the Roster!

  • You can now export office information from the Roster! Check out the new toggle from the Roster!




Listing Management

  • If your MLS does not allow Non-MLS listings, these will be turned off so you don’t get into a sticky situation!

  • If you have a listing that you share with another agent, you can add them to the listing in Roster!

  • Your Listing Management cards have sleek new design! You can see more information and more cards at once!

  • If you have a Non-MLS listing you don’t want searchable or on public websites, you can mark the listing so it won’t show up!

  • Does your listing have an open house scheduled! Add into the listing data and have the date display!





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