Disappearing Groups

There is a bug with OWA that causes groups to disappear. The issue does not extend to Outlook (the software). Handling groups/categories is relatively new to OWA which is still a bit immature in its functionality.

We have confirmed that we are passing the correct information to Exchange and when changes are made either in Moxi Engage or in Outlook, the changes are synced and work fine. It's only in OWA that the problem happens.

There are four options available:

  1. If you are not using Categories in OWA to categorize email, stick to using Moxi Works for all of your group management.
  2. If you are using Categories in OWA to categorize email, consider using folders instead and stick to using MW for group management.
  3. Use OWA for managing all Categories since we know those migrate over to MW without trouble. Then you can move people to those groups in MW without issue.
  4. Subscribe to Microsoft's Office suite and switch to using Outlook. There are no issues with categories/groups when using Outlook.

We strongly recommend #4. A monthly subscription is $9.99 if you pay month-to-month and up to four people can use the benefits on just one subscription.

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