April 4th Release Notes


Release Notes 4/4/2017

This week’s release brings another set of exciting improvements! Check out the list below to see the latest and greatest for Moxi Works!  

Moxi Present (TouchCMA)

  • Include a Zillow Zestimates page in your presentations! This will let you show the Zestimate pricing vs the Actual sold price of your listing!


Moxi Engage

  • See cancelled Neighborhood News and Listing Announcements in the details of your subscriptions! At a glance see if someone has opted out of your monthly marketing emails.

  • See more names in you’re My People screen with the compact view. If you don’t need to see your person’s picture or icon, switch to the compact view and see more of your list at once!

  • At a glance, see when you created your Neighborhood News subscription and when the next email will be going out!



Agent Websites

  • Get your RSS feed here! Find the RSS feed for your blog under the blog options menu in your Agent Website Admin!




  • Search the Hot Sheets and see listings at a click! When searching the Hot Sheets, the address will now be a hyperlink to see the details of the listing.

  • Is creating photo gallery titles taking too long? We’ve made it simple to create section titles that are standard for listings!

  • Video is a powerful tool that you can lead your listings with! Put a video as your first photo while keeping your main photo!

  • When creating a new person in listing management you can hide them from being displayed. This way, if you are ready to enter someone in the system but not ready for anyone to see it, you can!

  • Searching the Hot Sheets has never been easier. Avoid confusion of looking for a single date or a range with the drop-down menu above the dates.

  • Do you want to add an existing photo gallery to another listing? Now you can duplicate your photo galleries so you can assign it to another listing!




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