People: Organizing your Uncategorized Contacts


Not all your contacts should go directly into the marketing flow. When you add new contacts into Engage, they will be “Uncategorized” so you can put your people in the right part of the sales flow, or organize them as Personal or Collaborator.


Uncategorized Contacts


  1. From the My People screen, select the Guide me button (See below).

  2. Now you will be on the Uncategorized screen where you will see 6 of your uncategorized contacts.



Putting your contact in the Sales Flow


  1. Select the Client button on your contact card.

  2. To add this person into the marketing flow, select Not ready to buy or sell (circled below in red).
  3. If you would like to add them in as a Prospect since they have expressed interest in buying or selling, select either Buyer or Seller (circled below in blue).


Adding your contact without going into the sales flow

  1. Select the Non-client button.

  2. If you would like to make this a personal contact, so they don’t show up in your sales flow. Select the Personal button (Circled below in red).
  3. If you would like to make this contact a collaborator because you work closely with them, select the Collaborator button (circled below in blue).
  4. If you do not want this person in your Engage account, select the Remove from Engage button (circled below in green).

  5. Once you have categorized all of the people on this screen, select the Show Me More button on the bottom of the page to continue categorizing your new contacts! (See below)
  6. You can see how many people you have left to categorize with the remaining bar in the bottom left corner (circled below).

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