March 7th Release Notes

Release Notes 3/7/2017

This week’s release brings another set of exciting improvements! Check out the list below for all the great new features.


Moxi Present (TouchCMA)

  • Ask and you shall receive! We have added Pool Search to the list of filters you can use in searching for comparables for your presentations. Pool.png


Moxi Engage

  • There is a new flow for new leads and importing people into Engage! To ensure everyone is categorized correctly in the sales flow we have made the import process easy with a few quick questions about your new person. Uncatagorized.png


  • Make sure you never miss another task due date! View the tasks on your Engage calendar when they are due! Calendar_tasks.png


Agent Websites

  • If you have agents that have multiple offices, you can assign your agent to those offices, which will show on your Brokerage website and directory! Multiple_Offices2.png


  • For all of you that use an RSS feed for your blog posts, we have the link for you! See below for the link to the RSS feed. RSS_feed.png



  • We’ve made some changes to the Roster! Under My Listings, we’ve changed the Pre-Listing button to Unpublished. Here, you can create a Pre-Listing or a Non-MLS listing! So, if you have a listing (such as a pocket listing or a listing that is not on the MLS yet) you can create your listing and add photo galleries! Unpublished.png


  • Adding products and permissions can get confusing if you can’t see who it is you are editing! When adding in Products and Permissions in Roster, we now display the agent’s Name and Image! ProductsAndPermissions2.png


  • Like most of the changes we make, we want them to be consistent! So, we are also displaying the agents name and photo when editing the Office details! Office_info2.png


  • See office level options for your agents without going into their account! This way you can go to the screen you need without the extra step of selecting that individual person. Office_options.png


  • If you need clarification on the details of your company, check out the Company Card in Roster! This will show you everything you need to know about Moxi and your Company. Company_Info.png


  • Check out the slick new design of the reports email you receive every month! We are making it easier see your stats at a glance!



  • Moving objects in your Hub has never been easier! Now drag and drop Menu Items to move them amount your Hub.




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