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Custom pages give you the flexibility to present any type of content you want to your clients. They can be used to display information about the community you serve, present market statistics, or simply give your client a taste of your style.

Creating a custom page can be quite simple. However, we also offer more advanced features, such as editing HTML code directly. Users may find it helpful to take basic Website editing classes in order to take advantage of these more advanced features.

  1. To add a custom page, go to the Pages Screen (see below).
  2. Select the Add Page button (see below).
  3. From the options, select Create New.
  4. You will be prompted to select a Custom Page Layout (see below).
  5. Click Create.
  6. You will be working on the Web presentation version by default (see below).
  7. In each section of the custom page, you can add various content (see below).

    1. You can add Text (see below).
    2. You can add an Image (see below).
    3. You can add a Video (see below).
    4. You can add More content (see below).

      1. NOTE: You can edit the HTML code here by selecting the Source button.
    5. NOTE: If you change your mind after making a selection, just click the X to go back to the options for the section you are working in.
  8. To work on the PDF version of the presentation, switch to Print (see below).
  9. You can Copy your content over from the Web version of the presentation, you can build your Print version From Scratch, or you can Upload a PDF file (see below).
  10. You can access more options by clicking the Actions button in the top right (see below).

    1. Layout Options: you can adjust the Web version page width, PDF version header and footer visibility. 
    2. Change Layout: Change the layout of your entire presentation. This overrides the existing layout and any content will be removed.
    3. Copy to Print/Web Version: Copy the content from the Web version to the Print version, or Print to Web.
    4. Upload PDF: Upload a PDF file for the Print version.
  11. Select Save to finish creating the custom page (see below).
  12. You will be prompted to Name and add a Description to your presentation (see below).
  13. Click Save and your page will be added to your Pages Library.
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