Adding a Video to Your Presentation



Moxi Present/TouchCMA Present Adding Video to Your Presentation

The combination of sight, sound, and emotion that a video provides makes it the most powerful marketing tool available. It’s an excellent choice for showcasing neighborhoods, virtual home tours, client testimonials, new listings, your brokerage, and even yourself within TouchCMA presentations.
Engaging your clients and prospects with video presentations is easier than you think.


  1. From the Pages screen select the + button on the top of the pages list.

  2. Select which layout you would like (See red arrow below).
  3. Select the Create button (See blue arrow below).

  4. Select the video icon on your blank layout.

  5. Go to your favorite video hosting site such as Youtube, or Vimeo and copy the URL (web address) of the video you would like in your presentation.

  6. Paste the URL in the text box (circled below).
  7. Select (See below)

  8. If you would like to enter an additional module for text or images, select the plus button on the bottom of the module.

  9. Select how many modules you would like to add. (Circled below)
  10. Select Ok (See below).

  11. Select what type of media you would like to add to your video page.

  12. When you are finished making changes, be sure to select to the Save button to ensure your page is created.




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