How To Create a Commercial Office Site

While there is no "official" commercial office layout or template, through our agent website offerings, you do have the ability to change the agent site to an "Office" site type. This does the following things:

  1. Changes the pages that are available to display on the site.
  2. Changes the verbiage displayed on the site. For example an Office Website would display "Contact Us" and "About Us" instead of "Contact Me" & "My Bio".
  3. Includes a directory page option, which will show agents in your office.

For a commercial office, you just need to update the verbiage used on the homepage and anywhere else you want to note that your office is a commercial office.


For an explanation of all available Site Types, see this article here on the Help Center.


For specific information about Office site types, click this link to jump straight there.


For information on how to add commercial listings to your office website, see this article: Adding Commercial Listings To Your Office Site.

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