Page Builder: How to Use Page Builder


The page builder allows you to build beautiful and dynamic websites without having to know any code! If you need any sort of page that your clients interact with, you can use our Page Builder to create it in minutes!


Page Builder

  1. From your Agent Website Admin Tool, select Site Pages (Circled below).
  2. Then select Add New (See arrow below).
  3. Select Custom Page (Circled below).
  4. Select Submit (See arrow below).

  5. From the Custom Page, Select Page Builder (See below).
  6. You will now need to select a layout for your page, you can filter these pages using the drop down in the top right corner (See below).
  7. The wrench icon on any one of the rows or columns will let you edit that specific feature on the page (See below).
  8. Once you have finished editing the page, select Done (See below).

  9. Select Publish Changes to have this page go live on your Agent Website (See below).


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