Setting Up your Yoast SEO Plugin

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO will help more people find your website. Search Engines, use algorithms to come up with the most relevant search results. SEO will help that algorithm to find your website more easily, which, in turn, will help more people find your website.


How to set up Yoast SEO for your Agent Website

  1. From your Agent Website Admin page, Select Dashboard from the SEO menu (See arrow below).
  2. Select the General tab (Circled below).
  3. On the General tab you can select Open the configuration wizard button (See below).
  4. This will open the Configuration Wizard. In the first screen, make sure your name information is correct, and select Next.
  5. Next is the type of environment your website is in. Select Production.

  6. Select which type of site this is. Select Small Business site.
  7. Next, specify if you are a person or a company, for agents select Person.
  8. Then Enter all of your social media information.
  9. Next, specify which post types you would like Google to see.
  10. If your site has multiple authors, you can specify that in step 7.
  11. Next set up your Google console by selecting Get Google Authorization code.
  12. A pop up window will appear asking you to allow the Search Console data. Complete this by selecting Allow.
  13. This will bring up a new window with an Authorization code. Copy this authorization code.
  14. Paste this code in the Authorization code text box and select Authenticate.
  15. Next select how you would like your website title to display.
  16. Success! You have set up your Yoast SEO plugin.
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