Customizing the Footer of your Agent Website

You may want the Footer of your Agent Website to contain more information or include links. You can customize the footer of your Agent Website to include any information you would like your people to see!


Customize the Footer of your Agent Website.

  1. From the menu on the left, Footer from the Appearance menu.
  2. Select Custom Footer, and hit the Update (See below)
  3. Select the Customize It! (See below)
  4. You can add or remove the blocks from Footer using the module on the right. (Circled below)
  5. Use tools in the module on the right to easily drag and drop blocks into your Footer. (See red arrow below)
  6. Once you are finished updating your Footer, select Done in the top right corner. (See blue arrow below)

  7. To have these changes appear on your site, select Publish Changes.


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